Make Unicorn “Candy Charms” From Home

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John and I started this little craft as a brain candy charms teaser. We experimented with different ways to make it. It was put on hold while John ordered more supplies and lost interest. Finally, it was forgotten about completely.

This struggle is well known Candy Charms Among Crafters

So here we are, a few months later. I have finally completed enough of these beauties to show you how it is done. Full confession: I’m in love.

They could be used as purse clips or cellphone dangles, or made into pins and hair barrettes.

  • Before I continue, let me give credit to Alix of SunsetStarlit, the artist who created this. Follow her to see the most adorable clay crafts and hand-sculpted candy charms like these.
  • Although I don’t know Alix, I have been captivated by charms that look similar to wrapped candy for many months. So I set out in search of a way to create a candy charms that looked like a wrapped candies.

This is when I remembered all of the cute options at JoAnn’s like these unicorns.

Although I don’t know Alix, I have been captivated Flanax by charms that look similar to wrapped candy for many months. So I set out in search of a way to create a candy charms that looked like a wrapped candies.

This is when I remembered all of the cute button options at JoAnn’s like these unicorns.

You can also get small quantities so that each item is only a few bucks. There are still a few Delish goodies that I have left and I plan to make candy charms from them.

Vinyl comes in different thicknesses. We have found that the thinnest vinyl has striations, as you can see to the left. The thicker vinyl is crystal clear.

However, thicker vinyl can be creased into smaller wrappers more easily than thinner vinyl.

For what it’s really worth, the striations on the thin vinyl WILL show unless you look very carefully in the right light. It’s up to you, but I would stick with the thinnest possible vinyl.

You can cut a long strip of vinyl, wrap it around a dowel or PVC pipe and attach the edges with clear tape. You can use packing tape or shiny, crystal-clear Scotch tape. Vinyl should not overlap more than a quarter inch.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it inspired you to create your own candy charms. I am still trying to think of other toys, figures, or beads that I could include in a wrapper. Please let me know if you have ideas.


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