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Be My Ear –Simple, Affordable and Convenient Online Mental Healthcare Support

Mental health has become a serious global problem in the recent past as the number of people struggling with mental health concerns continues to rise. It’s estimated that more than 300 million people struggle with at least one kind of mental health problem around the world. Unfortunately, many people are ashamed of seeking help due to barriers such as stigma and expensive counseling sessions. Luckily, there’s an innovative mental healthcare marketplace designed to help people with mental health concerns to access quality and affordable mental healthcare. I’m talking about Be My Ear designed by Ryan Gunderman and his friend Michael Crocefoglia.

Who is Be My Ear designed for?

This platform is designed to help people who are struggling with mental health issues to find affordable mental healthcare from the comfort of their homes. Many people battling mental health issues are unable to find a reliable voice to vent to due to the many barriers that exist. This web-based platform makes it easy for anyone to access quality mental health support by simply creating an account and booking an appointment with highly-vetted mental health specialists. We’re creating an online business to provide simple, affordable, mental healthcare support exclusively online, starting at $0. It’s also a great platform for mental health specialists and volunteers who seek to provide support to the people who are battling mental health issues. Be My Ear also comes in handy for professionals looking to increase their current clientele with a convenient web-based platform.   

Advantages of Be My Ear for clients

The platform is free to use – You do not pay anything to create an account. Simply visit the website and create the account in minutes.  You only pay for mental health consultation with a mental health professional.

Multiple communication channels—Be My Ear offers multiple communication channels, including voice call, SMS, and video chat, making the platform easy to use for just about anyone. You can use the communication platform you’re most comfortable with.

Access to licensed professionals—Be My Ear gives you access to a network of highly-vetted professionals and volunteers who specialize in a wide range of mental health counseling. You can filter licensed professionals and volunteers based on price, reviews, and language, and schedule an appointment.

Privacy protection– This platform protects clients’ identity, so you can be sure that your information will be kept strictly confidential.

No long drawn out questionnaires: With Be My Ear, you’ll no longer have to deal with annoying, redundant questionnaires associated with typical mental healthcare sessions. This platform makes everything easy for clients.

Same-day support: This platform eliminates the long wait for mental health support by helping clients to access same-day support. You only need to find a professional or volunteer with an open slot and schedule an appointment.

Advantages of Be My Ear for Professionals/Volunteers

  • Professionals are free to set their own rates
  • You get paid instantly
  • It provides an opportunity for mental health specialists to give back.
  • You don’t require office space to offer support.
  • No insurance claims

Overall, this web-based platform makes it possible for anyone to access affordable online mental healthcare support.