A pharmacy service that many are unaware of

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Prescription in a pharmacy – how to benefit from it?

Many people who use pharmacy service daily think that a pharmacy is limited to what is visible to the naked eye from the dispensing room: the pharmacy shelves and drawers and a small back room. However, every pharmacy contains at least several different rooms – storerooms for drugs and dietary supplements, medical devices, archives and the prescription room, where pharmacists prepare medicines. Although it is hard to believe, pharmacists prepare many medications themselves in the prescribing room.

Prescription in a Pharmacy Service- what equipment does a pharmacy have?

Besides dispensing medicines and dietary supplements to millions of Poles every day, pharmacists also prepare some medication. Everything is done in unique prescription rooms equipped with modern equipment. Thus, in a Pharmacy Service prescription room, you will find a regulator (a pharmacy mixer for preparing ointments), a capsule machine, in which a pharmacist can easily prepare a large number of capsules in a relatively short period of time and the so-called laminar room, in which sterile eye medications – drops and eye ointments – are prepared.

What are the advantages of prescription drugs?

Almost every Polish pharmacy has been obliged to prepare prescription drugs for several years. A few dozen years ago, most of the medicines were prepared by the pharmacist himself, and then the prescription medicines gave way to ready-made drugs available on the spot. Today, however, the art of making medicines is starting to undergo a renaissance. All thanks to the fact that, in many cases, pharmacist-prepared treatments are superior to ready-made drugs.

Why do pharmacists like formulas?

It is hardly ever mentioned, but people working in pharmacies are very fond of making medicines using formulas. It is a kind of return to the profession’s roots and its quintessence. It is also a prestigious Pharmacy Service, thanks to which pharmacies are recognised as an important link in the healthcare system.

What are the advantages of drugs prepared in a pharmacy formulation?

A prescription creates the conditions to prepare a medicine that has no equivalent in the form of a ready-made therapy in a specific age group. An example is baby powders encapsulated in starch capsules, which contain minimal doses of medicines for newborns and infants. Pharmacy-prescription medicines often save patients who are struggling with rare diseases or drug-resistant versions of common conditions for which the doctor has exhausted all options. Examples include anti-epileptic drugs, usually not registered in paediatric doses, or rectal ointment with diltiazem for anal fissure, which cannot be found as a ready-made medicine.

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