5 Ways to Help Standing Employees

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There are dozens of jobs that require Standing Employees to stand for hours at a time. From cashiers to warehouse staff, many of the country’s most popular occupations require a lot of time on your feet. Working for extended periods of time without sitting is not only uncomfortable but can potentially lead to serious physical issues.

As themanager of a team that spends the majority of the workday on their feet,it’s important to be mindful of the implications of having a job that doesn’t offer many opportunities to sit down. Prolonged Standing Employees at work has been shown to be associated with a number of potentially serious health outcomes, such as lower back and leg pain, cardiovascular problems, fatigue, and discomfort.

When considering how to address this employee pain/injuries in the workplace, prevention should be your first line defense. It’s vital that we educate our employees on these preventive measures in order to decrease their risk of standing-related issues.

Below are 5 preventive measures that can help address and decrease the risks associated with standing throughout the workday:

  1. Wear the right shoes

Encourage employees to wear shoes that fit them, have good support, and are comfortable. Shoes are truly not one-size-fits-all and Standing Employees should take arch support, size, and even shock-support into consideration when finding a shoe that can help them survive an entire shift on their feet. There are also stand-alone supports and cushions that can be added to shoes to increase their comfortability. A podiatrist can also help to pinpoint specific issues or help with custom shoe fittings in special circumstances when an expert is required.

  1. Compression socks/stockings

Compression socks or stockings are thin garments specially designed to gently squeeze your leg. Compression socks/stockings improve blood flow and reduce swelling in your legs and feet, and they can often to help reduce pain related to extended periods of Standing Employees. Compression gear can be purchased online or over the counter butmay also be prescribed by a physician and covered by insurance.

  1. Breaks

Ensure that employees are taking breaks throughout the day. During breaks, encourage sitting and/or stretching. Find ways to keep staff accountable for taking breaks during their work hours. “Rise and grind” mentality is so common in today’s world that we often glorify longer work hours or days without breaks or lunches. Promoting a healthy work culture by encouraging employees to get off of their feet and relax for a few minutes can go a long way in decreasing common implications associated with standing throughout the workday.

  1. Stretching

Stretches, especially those that have a lower-body focus can be imperative to an employee that spends most of their day standing up. Share video links to specific, targeted stretches or pass out a handout that includes stretches that are easy to do in the workplace or at home.

  1. Circulation Boosters

Circulation Boosters, such as the FDA approved Circulation Booster by Revitive, are medical device designed to boost circulation in the legs and feet. The devices help address poor circulation, painful legs and feet, swelling in the ankles and feet, muscle weakness, leg and foot cramps, and tiring or aching legs and feet. Educate your employees on the benefits of using a circulation booster for 30 minutes a day, before or after work hours, to relieve pain, swelling, and discomfort.

Do you offer Health Savings Accounts to your employees? Work with them to determine if a circulation booster can be covered under their HSA / FSA plan. Encourage your employees to do personal research to decide if this type of medical device is right for them.


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